Fighting Domestic Violence Charges Head-On

Accusations of domestic violence can have far-reaching effects:

  • First, there are the criminal penalties associated with a conviction, which can include fines, probation, jail time and loss of firearm privileges.
  • Second, there is the potential impact on your family. You could even lose child custody and visitation rights.
  • Finally, there is the social stigma. Being accused of domestic violence can affect your relationships and personal life.

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False Accusations Of Domestic Violence

Our attorneys know that some, but not all, of domestic violence accusations are either false or exaggerated. In certain domestic situations, it is not uncommon for accusations to be made in the heat of the moment. But a split-second decision can have a lasting impact on the accused.

When police respond to a domestic violence call, they often make an arrest. The accused may be charged with domestic violence and the matter becomes criminal.

As soon as you have been charged with or arrested for domestic violence, talk to a criminal defense attorney. There are many things we can look at when building your defense. Your case will be in the hands of a highly experienced lawyer who will protect your rights and help identify the strongest defense possible.

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