Help After a Car Accident

Even when we can prove that another driver's negligence caused our client's injuries after a car accident, that negligent driver's insurance limits can be an obstacle. There may not be enough insurance coverage to pay the costs of the injuries and losses. It then becomes important to pursue other sources of compensation for the injured person.

If you were in a car accident and the other driver's auto insurance coverage is insufficient to pay the costs of your injuries and losses, you may be able to collect additional compensation by other means. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage or an umbrella policy on your auto accident policy may be an option.

However, beware: Your car insurance company — or the other driver's insurance company — is not on your side after a car accident, even if the agent, office staff and claims adjusters seem friendly. Their interests are aligned with the stockholders of the insurer. They work to limit the amount of money paid out in car accident claims.

If Seymour, Kremer, Koch, Lochowicz & Duquette, LLP, represents you after a car accident, our attorneys have one overriding concern: to help ensure that you recover full, fair compensation. We want to help ensure that you have access to top-notch medical care and therapy. If possible, we want to help you recover adequate compensation to replace your lost income and acknowledge your pain and suffering.

In other words, if you have legal representation, your car accident attorney's interests will be aligned with yours. Our personal injury lawyers at Seymour, Kremer, Koch, Lochowicz & Duquette, LLP, are not afraid to take on "giant" insurance companies. Our experience works to our clients' advantage when we meet up with insurance claims adjusters who we have dealt with in the past for previous clients.

Our attorneys have handled all types of automobile accidents, including:

Contact Seymour, Kremer, Koch, Lochowicz & Duquette, LLP, to learn what our Wisconsin law firm can do for you after a car accident. We are prepared to help you recover fiscally while your doctors help you recover physically.

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In most car accident cases, we represent clients on a contingency basis. This means that attorneys' fees are due only when settlements or verdicts are paid out. Call our Elkhorn, Wisconsin, law offices at 262-723-5003 or send us an email to request a free initial consultation with a motor vehicle accident lawyer.