Head-On Car Collisions

Inattentive driving is a common cause of a head-on collision. A driver may happen to have looked away momentarily for some reason right before a road curves. Texting while driving, fiddling with radio tuner dials or engaging in emotional arguments with passengers are all examples of types of distracted driving that can become a true impairment. Sometimes, an unavoidable environmental or personal factor causes a head-on collision — such as sunlight suddenly in a driver's eyes or a driver's medical emergency. Two-lane, curvy county roads can be hazardous for a number of potential reasons.

Who is at fault in a head-on collision? Answering this question can help build a strong case for compensation for the injured person. Many people assume that the driver of the vehicle that has strayed outside of its lane is the culprit. In fact, a jury and/or a judge may decide that the driver of the vehicle that did not move from its lane is also partially responsible, for failure to watch out for hazards.

Furthermore, head-on collisions often knock vehicles out of the lanes they were in at the time of a crash. It can be challenging to determine the actual location of the cars at the time of impact. Regardless of which lane you were traveling in when your car was involved in a head-on collision, you should consult with an attorney and determine whether you can bring an injury claim or lawsuit against the other driver.

Discovering what happened and why is a large part of what we do at the law offices of Seymour, Kremer, Koch, Lochowicz & Duquette, LLP, after a head-on car or truck accident. If you were injured in a head-on collision, a prompt consultation with an attorney is highly advisable. The sooner you have a personal injury lawyer on board, the sooner you can start focusing on getting better. You can leave the investigation, paperwork and necessary negotiations to an experienced advocate.

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