Helping Injured Workers: Workers' Compensation Lawyers

At Seymour, Kremer, Koch, Lochowicz & Duquette, we represent construction workers, carpenters, painters, plumbers, landscapers, truck drivers and others who have been injured on the job. For decades, people in Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Walworth County and throughout southeast Wisconsin have turned to us for help getting compensation for work injuries. From falling accidents to equipment accidents, we handle all cases.

The Workers' Compensation System in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, the workers' compensation system is very regimented. All but the most severe injuries are scheduled, meaning there is a predetermined amount of compensation that will be provided for them. For example, if you fall and suffer an elbow, knee or shoulder injury, you will obtain a specific number of weeks' worth of pay. We understand how the system works. We know the steps to take to ensure that you receive all the pay you are entitled to.

Unscheduled Injuries

Unscheduled injuries are those that do not come with an assigned number of weeks' worth of pay. Back injuries and neck injuries are examples of unscheduled injuries. These are the types of injuries that may linger for years, requiring surgery and physical therapy. When handling these cases, we attempt to work out limited compromise agreements whenever possible. These allow workplace accident victims to seek additional compensation of they continue to have problems.

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